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How to install fonts on Mac

How to install fonts on Mac

How to install fonts on Mac

A font that complements your writing will always boost reader experience. But sometimes you might not find the perfect font in the computer’s database.

Luckily for all the Apple users out there, you have the option of downloading and installing fonts on your Macs. While it sounds wonderful, most people find it complicating. And if you are one of these complicated individuals, this quick tutorial is written for you.

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Downloading Fonts

Downloading a Font onto your Mac is pretty easy. There are many sites that offer 3rd party fonts. Some are free, but the first-rate ones are mostly premium. A reliable source of quality premium fonts is “Vultype”.

When you download the font file, make sure that the file is compatible with Mac. Macs support oft (OpenType) and ttf (TrueType) font formats. You can figure the font format by looking at the file itself. For example, a font file named “Rubik.ttf” tells that the file format is ttf, while the name of the style is Rubik.

This guide will focus on how to install otf and ttf font types.

 Steps to Install Fonts using Font Book

You can use Font Book to easily install downloaded fonts. The following steps will guide you in doing so.

Step 1

Once you finish downloading the Font file (this file might be compressed), navigate to the folder it’s downloaded to using “Finder”.

Step 2

Open the folder and double click on the font file ending with “.ttf” or “.otf”

Step 3

Once the font file is double-clicked, it will open the Font Book window. Click on the “Install Font” button to complete the installation.

Keep in mind that the steps discussed so far install the font to only your account. If you want to install the font for all the accounts in the device, you need to do a few extra steps before executing the ones listed above.

Extra Step 1

Open “Finder” and launch “Font Book”

Extra Step 2

Click on Font Book in the app menu bar and select Preference

Extra Step 3

Change the “Default Install Location” from “User” to “Computer”


Steps to Install Fonts Manually

Another way of installing fonts is by copying and placing the files in the systems designated location for fonts “Library/Fonts”. This method will save time when you have to install multiple fonts.

The Library folder is sometimes hidden from users. But don’t worry, this will not stop us from using it. Follow the steps below to install fonts manually on a Mac.

Step 1

Open the “Finder” window and click on the “Go” button

Step 2

If your Library folder is hidden, you need to hold down Alt/Option and Shift keys on your keyboard. This will reveal your hidden Library folder. Do this step while you are in the “Go” menu.

Step 3

You can now go to your Font folder using the following path :

“/Users/your username/Library/Fonts”

Step 4

Once you have located your Font folder, place all your unzipped font files in it. You can either Copy and Paste or Drag and Drop the files into this folder.


You can install your font using any method you find convenient. However, it’s always wise to check if the font has been recognized by the other applications in your device. To figure this out, open an application that allows you to select fonts and type. Try searching for the font you installed.

 If it shows up, you have successfully installed the font on your Mac.



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