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4 Free Procreate Grid Brush For Lettering

4 Free Procreate Grid Brush For Lettering

grid in a lettering is very important to create a proportional lettering. to create a grid in the procreate application you can use a brush from melissacabral that has share free lettering & calligraphy brushes to procreate

How to use:

  1. Create a blank canvas
  2. Create a new layout and make the opacity to (50%) so that it is easy to use when creating lettering
  3. Create a new layer and place it above the grid layer for your design
  4. Before exporting your design, hide the grid layer so it doesn't overlap

How to install brush :

  1. after downloading the file, open the file in procreate or extract
  2. after that the brush will appear in the menu

Download Brush

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